A Night at the Bingo ...

A Night At Gala Bingo
A few weeks ago I received and email from Best British Bloggers asking me if I'd be interested in a night out at the bingo. I have to say that when I first read the email I thought "isn't Bingo where all the old ladies go?" because lets be honest, Bingo is more well known as a hobby for the older generation than someone in their early twenties. However, after asking my boyfriend and two of my friends if they'd be interested in going along, we all agreed it could be a laugh.

BBB set everything up with my local Gala Bingo and we were told we'd get a free game of Bingo and a bar tab to spend on food and drink while we were there. I was really grateful for that and figured even if we didn't really enjoy the bingo - it'd still be a good chance to catch up with some friends and have a few drinks. However, although my expectations weren't very high, when we arrived at the bingo hall, we were pretty damn impressed with how nice it was inside. Instead of being old fashioned like I'd imagined, it was really well layed out with a huge bar, slot machines, pool tables and a modern seating area with large comfy seats and booths.

We were introducted to the club by Steve the manager and I have to say he was absolutely brilliant and made us feel so welcome. He took us through all the various games we could play and also informed us that we could play traditional bingo or electronic bingo. When my boyfriend heard the word 'electronic' he got all excited (such a gadget geek) so that's the option we went for. We were also told this is the best option to go for if you aren't an experienced bingo player (which we obviously aren't) as all you need to do is tap the screen each time a number is called and the electronic system will tick each number off automatically. We were releaved to hear this becuase the numbers were getting called out really fast and we knew there was no way we could keep up if we had to do it manually. I've got to give credit to the more experienced players we saw there though - wow, they were like machines dabbing numbers off with their marker pens.Very impressive!

We had such a laugh playing and although we didn't win anything this time, lots of people won amazing amounts of money. The jackpot prize was in the thousands so it just goes to show that if you're lucky on the night, you could win big money. We weren't bothered that we didn't win though as the night itself was such good fun and the staff were so so so lovely. We even got a free go on the slot machines before we left too (every new member gets this when they sign up). We sat in the comfy seating area instead of main bingo hall where you have to be quiet and I think its great that there's a choice depending on what kind of night you're after. We also ate some yummy food and washed it down with a few glasses of wine. Overall we had such a fun night and the four of us decided we'd love to go back again soon.

I never thought I'd hear myself say it but yes ladies, I'm a fan of bingo! Give it a try - I'm you'll be surprised by just how fun it can be!

Have you ever played bingo? What do you think of it?

Lots of Love,


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