Ebay Real Techniques Dupes?

Real Techniques Dupes 5
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Real Techniques Dupes
Ebay Makeup Brushes | £12.99 + £1.99 p&p | Link

My favourite makeup brushes of all time would 100% be Real Techniques. I use them on a daily basis and their 'buffing', 'powder' and 'blush' brushes are all an essential part of my daily makeup routine. With this being said, whilst browsing ebay one night, you can imagine my excitement when I spotted these brushes that look almost idential to my beloved Real Techniques. I was instantly intrigued by them and when I saw I could get a set of five brushes for only £12.99, I was sold. I think that works out around £2.50 per brush so they're considerably cheaper than RT's. 

Ebay doesn't actually list what each brush is called but as you can see you get five different face/base brushes which can all be used for applying various products including foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, contour and highlight. There's a stippling brush included in the set which is great for application of cream cheek products, there's a couple in there which are great for applying liquid foundation - one is a similair shape to the RT's 'buffing' brush whilst the other is more dense and compareable to the Sigma F80 brush. There's also a brush similair to the RT's 'contour' brush which I've been using for blending concealer or applying highlight and there's also an angled brush which is great for applying a contour or blush. I haven't really used any of these brushes for powder or bronzer as I personally find my RT's powder and blush brushes more appropriate for this (they're larger and fluffier). 

They're also available in three colours - Pink, Rose Gold or Blue. The Rose Gold brushes look just like the Real Techniques 'Core Collection' and the Pink brushes look just like their 'Blush' or 'Stippling' brush. As I already have lots of RT's brushes in these colours I decided I'd go for the blue instead - its a beautiful metallic baby blue shade and I absolutely love it. I kind of wish RT's had this colour in their line of brushes as its definitely my favourite.

In terms of quality, these brushes are exceptionally soft and lovely to the touch. Much like Real Techniques they're made from synthetic fibres and are cruelty free. My only grumble about them would be they're slightly more dense than RT's so they don't have as much movement for blending products. Don't get me wrong, they're still great brushes and I've been using them on a daily basis but they do require slightly more effort in terms of blending/working the product into the skin than the RT's do. The denseness reminds me of two Sigma brushes I own (particuarly the F80) so if you love those brushes, these are very similar.

Overall I'd say this is a lovely little set of brushes and for the price I'd really recommend giving them a go to see what you think. I don't think they're quite as good as RT's but they're definitely a nice addition to my brush collection and for only £12.99, I really can't complain. You can find the set I bought here (the seller is UK based and the brushes arrived in a matter of days) or you can buy these brushes individually if you don't want a whole set from various other sellers including this one here.

Have you tried these ebay brushes? What do you think of them?

Lots of Love,

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