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Boots Beauty Haul, Drugstore Beauty Haul, Beauty Blog Haul 2013 3

Boots Beauty Haul, Drugstore Beauty Haul, Beauty Blog Haul 2013 2

I did it again, I bought more beauty products that I quite frankly didn't need. Seriously, someone needs to stop me! I do have an excuse though (I like to tell myself this so I feel better about my inexcusable spending habits) as Boots lured me in with their 'too good to say no to' buy one get one half price offer. I'm beginning to realise I should avoid that website at all costs.

I didn't go to the website with anything in particular in mind but there was a few products I'd heard a lot of good things about and they suddenly popped to the forefront of my mind whilst having a browse around. I decided to pick up another Collection Lasting Perfection concealer as I bought the wrong shade the first time around, the new Seventeen Phwoarr Paint concealer, Max Factor miracle touch creamy blush in the shade 'soft pink' and a Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in the shade 'Sahara Treasure'. I've read lots of good things about these products so I'm excited to give them a whirl. I've tried a few of them and so far so good, apart from the Collection concealer which broke me out. Boo! 

I then picked up the Maybelline Pure BB Cream after hearing the lovely Tash from Its Simply Beauty raving about how wonderful it is. I saw her applying it in a You Tube video and it looks great on her so I'm looking forward to giving it a proper try. I've used it once or twice and like it on first impressions but I'll use it a few more times before sharing my thoughts. I also bought the Loreal 'Skin Perfection' correcting day moisturiser as it had money off and my auntie recommended it to me. She has fab skin so I took her word for it. I've also been really impressed with their Skin Perfection micellar water so I wanted to try something else from the range. I've used it a few times now and I'm pretty impressed with the texture - it sinks in really nicely and creates a nice base for my makeup. Again, I'll report back with my thoughts after using it for a little while longer.

Whilst browsing around the Boots website beauty section I spotted an advert for new Rimmel Apocalips shades and I was instantly intrigued. I don't know about you but I wasn't even aware they'd released new shades as I haven't seen any hype surrounding them on blogs or any talk on Twitter. Maybe I'm just totally behind on the news but either way, I was pretty excited to see a new selection of shades available. I decided I HAD to get my mitts on one of the new shades so I picked 'Across the Universe', a deep red which looked perfect for A/W. I won't say anything else as my next post is going to be a full review of this so you can read more then. 

Finally I decided to purchase the infamous OPI Nail Envy as its been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember and my nails are currently in appauling condition. I wear acrylics all the time as my natural nails are so damaged but I've decided enough is enough and I want to do everything I can to grow my natural nails and get them in tip top condition. I'm sick of spending a fortune on getting my nails done so I'm excited to see how I get on with this. I didn't buy it from Boots as I wasn't willing to spend £18.50 on a nail polish so I hunted it down on ebay here for the bargain price of £9.25 including free delivery. I know ebay can be dodgy but I checked out the seller and they're top rated and a shop that specialise in nail products. The product arrived super fast and everything seems fine with it so I'd recommend checking them out. I'm going to do a 'before' and 'after' post about my experience with Nail Envy so keep an eye out for that.

So that's what I've been buying recently. I know its naughty but who can resist such pretty beauty products? Clearly I can't. Keep an eye out for full reviews of all of these products in the near future if you're interested in hearing more about them.

What have you been buying lately? Have you tried any of these products?

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