Whats In My Bag?

Whats in my bag, Whats in the handbag, Whats in my bag beauty blog, UK Beauty Blog, Orange Zara Mini Shopper Handbag
Whats in my bag, Whats in the handbag, Whats in my bag beauty blog, UK Beauty Blog, Orange Zara Mini Shopper Handbag
Whats in my bag, Whats in the handbag, Whats in my bag beauty blog, UK Beauty Blog, Orange Zara Mini Shopper Handbag

It occured to me the other day that since starting my blog in November 2011, I've never wrote a 'Whats in my Bag' post. Can you believe it? As one of the most popular posts on blogs and videos on Youtube, I really don't know why I've not done it sooner. It could be because the contents of my bag are utterly boring but hey, its nice to be nosy from time to time isn't it?

The bag I've been using lately is the Zara Mini Shopper as its the perfect size for every day use and the bright orange shade brightens up my drab black and grey work outfits nicely. I usually go for black or tan handbags so its been nice to have a bright piece of arm candy this year and I've certainly got my moneys worth from it. I'd also like to point out before I start telling you about the contents of my bag that I haven't added or removed anything (well, apart fom a pile of receipts) to make my bag more appealing. It really bugs me when you can tell people have added pretty and exciting things to their bag just for the purpose of these posts. 

Anway, ramble over, let me tell you about the contents of my bag! First things first, the essentials. I always carry my studded purse from Primark which contains my money and cards (I say that like I actually have money - I don't!), my white iphone 5 which I cannot go anywhere without and my passport which is kept safe in a pretty pink sleeve. The reason I have to carry my passport around with me is because I don't drive so I have to use it as ID. I'm hoping to get some driving lessons booked soon though so if you live in the North East, be warned. Its safe to say I'm not the best driver! Another essential I always carry around with me is my keys although I must admitt there's been numerous ocassions when I've forgot to put them in my bag and had to sit outside my flat like waiting for my boyfriend to come to the rescue. Oops! I'm not one for having loads of keyrings but I do have two at the moment - a photo of my Aus family & I that was taken whilst I was over there last year and an 'I <3 Shopping' keyring. Enough said.

Other than the 'can't leave the house without' essentials I also carry my cute little '365 days of my organised life in one little diary' with me just incase I need to pop something in there whilst on the go. My mum bought it for me as a stocking filler last Christmas so I'm not sure where its from unfortunately. I also carry my head phones so I can get my daily dose of One Direction and my Benedryl tablets as I suffer badly with hayfever. Thats the only thing I hate about Summer, blasted hayfever. Streaming puffy eyes, a stuffy nose and sneezing every five minutes is NOT sexy. Another fairly random thing that I often carry around with me is yoghurt raisins. Yes, those things five year olds eat. I spotted them on my weekly trip to Asda a little while ago and ever since I've been obsessed. They're definitely my favourite afternoon snack at work, what a saddo!

Beauty wise, I don't carry a great deal around with me. I'm certainly not one of these girls that takes a full makeup bag everywhere I go as my bags heavy enough as it is and I couldn't really give a hoot about what I look like at work. With this being said, I usually just throw any old lip product in my bag to top up with throughout the day. The one I've been using currently is Avon's marbelised lip gloss in 'Pink Sunset' and it tastes delicious. I always have a hand cream in my bag too as I often get dry hands and the my current choice is a mini one from Locitanne. I always carry around some sort of scent with me too whether its deodrant/body spray or perfume - just incase I feel like a sweaty betty whilst out and about. Ew! I've currently been throwing Impulse body sprays in my bag as they're cheap as chips and convenient for freshening up.

A couple of things that have escaped my current handbag but are normally in there are hand sanitiser (its a life saver - especially if you nip to a public loo and there's no soap - ew!) and my 'blogging book' which I mentioned in a post here as I use it for jotting down blog post ideas when they pop to mind. I have no idea where they both are at the moment, I'm going to guess they're lurking in the depths of one of my other hangbags amongst a pile of receipts and other crap.

I hope you enjoyed having a little peek into my bag. Like I said earlier, there's nothing exciting in there so I hope I haven't bored you stupid.

What do you carry around in your handbag? Any essentials I'm missing?

Lots of Love,

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