Bikinis vs Swimsuits: The top picks for this Summer

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Cellulite: it’s the buzz word of this season, isn’t it? The fuel behind those legions of ‘get fit quick’, ‘bikini boot camp’ features we see making the rounds. I mean, it’s summer now, so obviously we must be thinking about how our own bodies will be looking when we break out the swimwear. And this issue is made all the more problematic by the fact that we’re actually getting a summer this year: a cossie isn’t a nostalgic purchase anymore, but a genuine necessity. Well I'm sorry glossy mags, but we’ve got bigger issues at hand here than our wobbly bits. Cue the great swimwear debate.
Now, I'm sure I'm not alone here in thinking beach wear has become a veritable political issue for us, that takes on greater and greater importance as we ransack our underwear drawers only to fling out our previous beachwear options that last saw the light of day in 2006: went see through; stained with chlorine; flew off at crucial moment on holiday that time and swept away on a wave, leaving me topless to face the entire beach; just won’t do. For most of us, this calls for an underwear overhaul, which brings us to the real issue at hand here: do we go for the bikini or a one-piece? 
For years, it was cut and dry: the bikini was chic and the one-piece was strictly for the serious swimmers, children and older generation. Then, as the cut-out emerged  ̶  often in gold lamé  ̶  girls in rap videos and the cast of TOWIE were added to the list. Sure, the one-piece had its moments on the catwalks every now and then, but rarely was it an actual option for the rest of us. You sucked it up and donned a bikini. But recently, it has emerged as a serious contender for our poolside wear. No longer the frumpy option dressing the BHS racks, but a stylish option favoured by the likes of Alexa Chung (who showed us how it’s done in a leopard print swimsuit in her Instagrammed holiday snaps last summer). 

Luckily, whichever your preference, there’s good news all round this year as the trend in beachwear this season seriously favours the retro, so think flatteringly cut briefs that skirt the upper thigh  ̶  some with actual skirts  ̶  structured bikini tops and swimsuits with control panels. For anyone who’s ever tied to shop the boutiques for these, the lower high street prices should be a welcome relief. 

In this vein, the high waist bikini - as favoured by Taylor swift- is one of the key styles of the summer. Excellent if you want to create the illusion of curves; flattering cut if you’re already blessed.
But honestly, take one look at Beyonce in a swimsuit (that one’s Dolce & Gabbana and sold out, but this is closest I've found as a worthy replacement) and you’re unlikely to every return to your bikini: flattering, chic and not a question of a big wave coming along and removing part of it when you’re unawares. Really, why did we ever wear anything else?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shopping.    
Amy Lavelle is a journalist from UK fashion comparison site Style in View. She’s contributed to a number of publications including Spindle magazine. 

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