What I Wore on Holiday

I don't know about you but every time I go on holiday, I always have to take a selection of new outfits along with me. I like to know I'll have something nice to wear every single night and not have to worry about having any "I have nothing to wear" moments. In my opinion, having pretty new outfits to wear every day for a whole week just makes going away on holiday all the more fun. It also means lots of shopping before going away and although it isn't good for my bank balance, its a nice excuse to treat myself. I think I went a bit OTT  with the shopping as I ended up taking double the amount of clothes I actually needed but I am going away again in August so I'm sure the outfits I didn't wear will get worn then. I apologise in advance for the terrible quality of these photos but as I mentioned in my previous post, I didn't take my DSLR away with me so these shoddy iphone photos will have to do. So without any more blabbering on from me, here's what I wore on holiday ...

Dress - Missguided* // Necklace - Ebay // Shoes - Marks & Spencers

Dress - Windsor Store* // Belt - Primark // Shoes - Matalan

Dress - In Love with Fashion* // Bikini - Primark // Shoes - Matalan

Dress - Miss Selfridge // Belt - Primark // Shoes - Marks & Spencers

Top - Primark // Shorts - H&M // Belt - H&M // Shoes - Matalan // Bag - Peacocks

Dress - Windsor Store* // Shoes - Marks & Spencers // Necklace - Matalan // Bag - The City Rack*

As you can see I wore a whole range of different outfits during the week I was away and I love that none of them are similar to one another.  I don't know why but I always feel like I can experiment with different looks and styles a lot more when I'm on holiday, does anybody else feel like that? I don't know if its the heat or the fact I'm in another country where nobody knows me but I always feel more confident in my fashion choices when I'm away. I guess its the same as wearing no makeup - I'm happy to walk around bare faced abroad but in the UK I can't even go to the shop without putting some slap on. Its so silly!

I really love all the outfits I wore and I know I'll wear them all again in the future but I think my favourite outfit of the holiday has to be the backless black maxi dress from Missguided. Considering it only costs just over £20, I think its a really striking and glamorous dress. I paired it with my neon necklace from ebay and cork heels from M&S which made it the perfect holiday outfit. I decided to wear my hair up in a bun to show off the back of the dress too and I think it worked well. I felt very ladylike indeed.

Talking of hair, I decided to experiment with it a bit while I was away and I managed to style it differently most nights. As you can see in the photos above I went for a bun, a high pony, a plait, down and full of volume and a mid-pony again with lots of volume. I barely used any heat for the duration of my holiday with the exception of a hairdryer now and then and the John Frieda Surf Spray was a life safer. I sprayed it on both wet and dry hair, scrunched my hair between my fingers and was left with perfect beach waves. 

Do you like wearing new outfits on holiday? Which of my outfits is your favourite?

Lots of Love,


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