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Hi everyone! So if you hadn't already guessed by the title of this post, I did it again, I went shopping. Admittedly I didn't buy this lot all at once but I still bought it all none-the-less, how naughty of me. The worst part is - this isn't everything. I've got another couple of hauls coming up in the next couple of weeks too. I sure as heck hope you like haul posts! Anyway, before I start feeling guilty about my uncontrollable spending habits, let me tell you how pretty all of these things are and why I bought them, because that justifies it, right?

Necklace - New Look // Bangle - Primark
I was browsing around New Look recently when I noticed they had a buy one get one free offer on ALL of their jewellery. Not one to turn down a bargain like this, I decided to buy myself another chunky necklace that I didn't really need. Seriously, I dread to think what I'll do when this whole chunky neck wear trend comes to an end, I don't own any other necklaces. Anyway, I decided this grecian style one would be lovely in the Summer and jazz up a plain outfit nicely. That my friends was reason enough for me to part with some cash. I also got a pack of four rings  for free (I couldn't find those to photograph) so it was definitely a bargain. Who doesn't love a good BOGOF?

Blue T-Shirt with Mesh Panel - H&M
I spotted this t-shirt whilst browsing around H&M and immediately had to have it. I love the bright colbat blue shade and the fact it has a mesh panel around the neckline. It adds an interesting twist to a bog standard t-shirt and its definitely something I'll get lots of wear out of all year round. I've already worn it a countless number of times as its perfect for dress down Fridays at work when I need to throw on something comfy and casual.

Lime Green Shirt - H&M
I didn't really know what to call this little number - is it a shirt, a blouse, a t-shirt with buttons? Who the hell knows. Regardless of its official name, I like it. Another H&M bargain and another  casual top that I know I'll wear over and over again. The colour is a little bit 'out there' but its great for Summer and I think it'll look great tucked into a pair of denim shorts on my holibobs! I'm actually wearing it right now, just incase you wanted to know ;).

Tan Cork Hells - M&S
The last place I ever expected to buy a pair of shoes from is Marks and Sparks. My Nanna shops there for goodness sake. Yes they have a great range for the 'mature' women but for a 22 year old, it isn't exactly the most hip place on the high-street. However, whilst venturing in to buy some prawns from the food section (I bet you really wanted to know that) these cork heels caught my eye. They were exactly what I'd been looking for - tan, not too high, summery and perfect for an array of ocassions. I was even more thrilled when I saw they were only £29.50 too - brucey bargain! As soon as I tried them on, I was sold. I've not had much chance to wear them yet thanks to the UK's crappy weather but I can't wait to venture out in them when the sun is shining!

Mint Green Peter Pan Collar Vest - New Look
Whilst buying the BOGOF jewellery in New Look, the lovely gentleman serving me gave me a 25% off voucher. Now although I probably wouldn't have bought any clothes from New Look at full price, I clearly couldn't miss out on some discounted bargains. Does anyone else do this? Think your getting a really good bargain but really your just spending money you wouldn't of in the first place? I really need to learn about will powder and saying no, oops! Anyway, I spotted this super cute peter pan collar top and thought it would be great for day to day wear with jeans or tucked into a skirt. I've worn it quite a lot since buying it (so it wasn't a waste after all) and it looks lovely. Thanks for encouraging me to spend money New Look you pesky swines. 

Skater Skirts - New Look
I wasn't going to leave New Look only buying one thing with my 25% off voucher was I? Oh no, two skater skirts managed to worm their way into my hands too. Damn it. However, I have to say I do love skater skirts so these denim and cream ones are nice additions to my wardrobe and great for Summer. They're so flattering, easy to wear and definitely a staple in my wardrobe. This justifies buying two right? 

Orange Handbag - Zara
As soon as I saw this beautiful Orange bag on Sophia's Instagram, I had to have it. Zara have come up trumps again in the handbag department and have released a range of affordable 'mini shopper' bags in a selection of different colours. They only cost £22.99 which is very reasonable compared to some of Zara's other bags so I knew I had to have it. I chose the Orange one purely because its perfect for Summer but its also available in black, white and green, as far as I'm aware. The colour is a lot more vibrant in reality than it looks on this picture and I absolutely love it. I think its the perfect bag to take on a shopping trip, for a meal or even for drinks at the pub. I LOVE it!

T-Shirt Skater Dress - Primark
I spotted this dress the other day whilst killing some time in Primark and I couldn't leave without it. I know its not the most Summery piece of clothing but I love casual dresses like this as they're so effortless to throw on whilst still looking stylish. I particuarly love the colour-block sleeves on this one and I've already worn it a number of times. It looks great paired with some black tights and a black waist belt for work. Even better, it cost less than a tenner.

Set of 4 Rings & Necklace - Primark

One thing I never buy (well, until now) is silver jewellery. I've always been a gold/rose gold kind of gal and always bypass the silver jewellery when I'm out shopping. However, when I was in Primark, this silver and turquoise necklace and set of rings really caught my eye. I love the fact they aren't a shiny tacky silver but instead more antique looking and I think the hint of turquoise gives them a lovely Summery feel. These will be coming on my holiday with me next week and I think they'll look lovely with my black maxi dress.

Shorts - Both from Matalan

I bought two pairs of shorts from Matalan recently as I thought they'd be great for my holiday.  The aztec print pair will be great for thowing on during the daytime over my bikini and I particularly like the Navy ones as I can imagine them looking fab with a loose fitting blouse tucked in, a tan waist belt and my tan wedges. I also thought they were something Mollie King would like and as she's my style icon, I couldn't say no.

Orange Dress - Topshop
I bought this dress from Topshop for a recent night out but never got around to wearing it, boo. Its been sat in my wardrobe for a good few weeks now and I've still not worn it - bad times. However, I'm sure I'll get my wear out of it at some point over the Summer months as the bright Orange shade is very summery and fun. I also love that its made from a light jersey material as I'll be able to wear it dressed up or down.

When I saw the lovely Hannah post about these beauties on her Instagram, I had to have them. They were being sold on treds (a website I'd never heard of until buying these shoes) for only £4.99. No you didn't read that wrong, I couldn't believe it either. I didn't really need them but for that price, I thought why the hell not? I didn't have high hopes that they'd be the best quality shoes I've ever owned but much to my surprise, they're great quality and I really love them. I love the platform style with the chunky wooden heel and I'm pretty sure they're a copy of designer Jeffery Campbell shoes. A complete bargain if I do say so myself!

So there we have it, some of my recent purchases, emphasis on the word some. I've gone a little bit crazy with shoes lately so I'm thinking of doing a 'shoe haul' and I'm also hoping to share some holiday clothes I've been buying with you all too. Wow, being a blogger and writing about my purchases makes me realise I spend far too much money. Oh well, I'm sure I won't feel so bar about it when I'm wearing all of my lovely new things.

What have you been buying lately? Do you like anything I got?

Lots of Love,


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