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Hello there everyone! I'm Hannah and I write a beauty blog called Cosmetic Crave. As a long time lover of Kayleigh's blog I feel ridiculously excited to be guest posting on here today for her whilst she is away on holiday. This is going to be a post about a couple of my current favourite beauty products. Enjoy!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
'Corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection care'

The Effaclar Duo must be one of La Roche Posay's most well known and most used products, because it is definitely the one that is most talked about and most hyped by bloggers and beauty lovers. You'll be able to find hundreds and thousands of reviews on this over the Internet, but it basically a serum/cream that is intended to reduce the appearance of imperfections and unclogs pores; it's a corrective treatment. I use it as a targeted overnight spot treatment and apply to areas that have a breakout or look a little bit troublesome and leave it work it's magic. 9 times out of 10 in the morning there is a dramatic improvement to appearance of the skin, with redness and swelling reduced and blemishes/imperfections on their way out of the door. On other occasions though it can bring all the badness and yucky 'gunk' from deep in the skin up to surface of the skin and come to a head (gross, I know), so it can appear to make the skin look worse before it looks better, but it is just bringing all the nastiness out!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser
'Smoothes, primes and instantly mattifies'

If my love for the Effaclar Duo didn't give it away that I battle with problematic and blemish prone skin then this Tree Tree Primer will confirm it for you. For only £7.50/30ml this primer/'pore minimiser' is a product that I would always recommend over Benefit's 'The PORE-fessional', as it is a similar style product (silicone based that smoothes over the skin to create a more even base), but not only is this one from The Body Shop a fraction of the price, it also works to treat your skin at the same time because of the active tea tree ingredients. Especially suited to blemished skin this helps pores to look smaller and help the skin to feel purer, all while priming the skin for make up and creating a smooth, matte base.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation
'Healthy glow and flawless complexion. Hydrated & lumious skin'

A new reformulation of Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation is this Radiance Reveal version. I hadn't tried the original formula so I'm not sure what the differences between them are, but I do know that I absolutely love this one! It's perfect for summer as it gives a really fresh and 'dewy' look on the skin without looking like you're sweaty and oily. I would definitely say that 'Radiance Reveal' is a very appropriate name for this one as it does make me feel radiant and luminous when I'm wearing it, and not to state the obvious, but.. it makes you look healthy too. It feels really light on the skin which is perfect for when the weather is hot and sticky but it still provides a medium, buildable coverage.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer
'Highlighting concealer'

You just can't beat going back to an old favourite. Lost to the depths of a drawer, I had forgotten all about this little gem until recently. Often dubbed as a budget dupe to the infamous YSL Touche Eclat because of the pen/brush style applicator and highlighting/concealing function, I would agree with this to a certain extent but there are some differences. The Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer offers a considerable amount more coverage than YSL, but it is less highlighting and illuminating. Dream Lumi, for me, is an excellent daily under-eye product as it provides all the coverage I need to hide those dark circles without caking throughout the day, and the brightening effects are adequate enough for day-to-day use. If I'm superrr tired and need a helping hand not to look like a zombie, then YSL can come in on top to add extra brightness to the area but most of the time that isn't necessary.

VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray
'With collagen for hair that is big in all the right places'

How did I live without this fantastic hair product in my life for so long?! This Dry Backcomb Spray is what I would describe as a dry shampoo and hairspray hybrid, as it offers all of the texture, body and lift that can found by using a dry shampoo at the roots, only there's no white residue left behind, and it holds all day like a hairspray. It's the best of both worlds and helps to add volume and a boost to the roots without damaging the hair with conventional backcombing methods. This can only costs around £3/4 so it is something that I would fully recommending trying if big, voluminous hair is your thing!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my post about 5 of my current favourites, have a fantastic summer!



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