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Oh Primark, why do you draw me in with your wonderful bargains? My bank balance hates you. Yes ladies, I did it again  - a couple of trips to ‘have a browse’ around Primark resulted in lots ‘ooh-ing and ahh-ing’ over their latest offerings, lots of ‘I need it’ moments and of course, lots of spending. I really should be saving my money instead of spending it like its going out of fashion but hey, we only live once right? Another plus point to my uncontrollable spending habits is that I can now share everything I’ve been buying with you lovely lot. Primark hauls are one of my favourite blog posts/videos to read or watch as I love seeing what’s currently in stock and if anything takes my fancy. Lets say us bloggers and vloggers are like Primark’s online website – we give everyone a little insight into the latest fashion bargains up for grabs.

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been buying from Primark recently. Prepare yourselves for a long and picture-heavy post. In fact, grab yourselves a cup of tea.

Monchrome Bodycon Dress (£13)

As soon as I spotted this dress, I loved it. Not only does it look like something you'd find in Topshop but it appears to be great quality for the super cheap £13 price tag. I was slightly concerned it would be one of those 'looks great on the hanger, looks rubbish on' items but it actually looked even better on. I love the lace detailing down the front panel, the little cut-outs and the Monochrome colour scheme. I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow night for my friends birthday as I think it will look super glam with some heels, a clutch bag and a bold statement lip.

Aztec Print Skirt (£4)

One thing I don't own a great deal of is bottom halves. By this I mean skirts, shorts and trousers. I mainly wear skinny jeans, leggings or dresses on a day to day basis but I want to start buying a few different bits and pieces so I have some alternatives. My first purchase in my quest to re-vamp my 'bottom half' wardrobe is this super cute aztec print skirt. For only £4 you really can't go wrong and I think it will look great in the summer with a floaty vest top tucked in. Its very versatile too and I already have a few ideas on how I could dress it up or down.

Coral Lace Crop Top (£5)

These lace crop-tops are very 'in' at the moment but I've never been drawn to them until I spotted this one in Primark. The bright blood orange shade screamed summer to me and I think it will look beautiful on holiday with a tan and a high-waisted maxi skirt. It only cost £5 too which is a total bargain!

Clutch Bag (£8)

This is my kind of clutch bag - humongous! I'm the kind of girl that takes everything but the kitchen sink on a night out with her so when I spotted this white clutch bag with a very summery yellow and gold envelope clasp, I was sold. It will add a nice pop of summer colour to my bag collection and I'm planning on pairing it with the Monochrome dress I mentioned above tomorrow night. I always feel the need to add a bit of colour to my outfits at this time of year so bright bags or accessories are great if my outfit is lacking in colour!

Mint Green Lace Dress (£12)

Okay, I'm naming this the 'blogger dress'. I don't know about you but every tom, dick and harry who has posted a Primark Haul recently seems to have bought this dress. I spotted it a few weeks ago whilst having a browse and immediately knew I had to have it. I love a good skater dress and this one is just perfect for the summer. I think it will look great paired with some sandals, a tan waist belt and a blazer. Again, I'm already visioning myself wearing it.

Playsuit (£5)

When summer rolls around, I love wearing playsuits. I find them so convenient to throw on and love that they can be dressed up or down too. They're great for holidays to put on over bikinis and are generally a handy little item to have in my wardrobe. So, as you can imagine, when I saw this little beauty for only £5, it had to be mine. I have a blazer that matches the taupe colour perfectly too so I know when paired together they will make a lovely little outfit.

Mint Green Aztec Print Bodycon Dress (£10)

I actually spotted this dress a few weeks ago but much to my disappointment, they didn't have my size. I could tell it'd been a popular choice as there wasn't many sizes left but they clearly recognised the high demand and when I returned for another browse a couple of weeks later, they'd re-stocked and had my size available. Yay! Don't you just love it when that happens? I really love the simple bodycon style of this dress and the aztec print and mint green shade are perfect for this time of year. I think this could be dressed up or down and I can't wait to wear it on my holidays.

Bun Ring (£2)

I spotted this bun ring whilst pursing the jewellery and accessories stand with my friend and both of us immediately had to have it. I already have one of these but it was nowhere near as big as this one so it didn't work well with my long hair. However, I've tried this one and it works a treat. Its a little bit 'essex' with it being so big but I'm sure I can make it classy when paired with the right outfit and makeup.

White Peter Pan Collar Playsuit (£20)

As soon as I saw this, I fell in love. It was among Primark's 'Limited Edition' range so it was a little pricer at £20 but let me tell you, its worth every penny. The picture doesn't do it any justice (its creased to the high heavens sorry) but the material is lovely and sturdy and the floral embellishment around the peter pan collar is just beautiful. I love the fact its white too as I can imagine it looking amazing with a summer tan, bright wedges and a matching bright clutch bag. I'm even tempted to save this for my birthday night out in July - thats how much I love it.

So there we go, my recent Primark purchases. As you can see, I've had a good splurge and I love everything I've bought. I already know I'll get so much wear out of each and every one of these items and they will all be coming on my hollibobs with me next month. I imagine I'll be heading back to Primark soon to stock up on more holiday clothes so do keep your eyes peeled for yet another Primark haul. I'm a woman obsessed let me tell you.
Have you been shopping in Primark recently? Do you like any of the things I've bought?

Lots of Love,


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