Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss | All Day Seduction

Hi Ladies! I hope you’re all okay. Today I want to review my all time favourite lip glosses and that’s the Rimmel ‘Stay Glossy’ lip gloss in the shade ‘All Day Seduction’. I've been a huge fan of these lip glosses for a few years now ever since my mum bought one and I couldn't stop using it. I’m pretty sure she just let me keep it in the end as I used it more than she did, sorry mum! I can’t remember which shade she had but I remember it being the perfect nude ‘your lips but better’ shade that worked on its own or accompanied any lipstick beautifully. Fast forward a few years and you could say my lip gloss collection has grown quite dramatically. I’m always trying and buying new ones so my love for the Stay Glossy tube of loveliness had almost been forgotten about.

However, a few weeks ago whilst snooping about on the Boots website at the Rimmel Apocalips, I spotted the Stay Glossy lip glosses and instantly had to buy one. Its almost like the memories of being younger and loving my mum’s so much came flooding back to me and I was very excited to finally buy another one. I originally wanted to get the shade ‘Non-stop Glamour’ as I’m sure that's the perfect nude shade my mum owned but unfortunately, it was out of stock. I clearly couldn't leave the Boots website without buying one though so I eventually settled on the shade ‘All Day Seduction’ which looked like a peach tone on the Boots website and the closest match to ‘Non-stop Glamour’. I loved the look of lots of the shades but as I was buying it on a 2 for 2 with a couple of Apocalips I had to limit myself to one, boo.

So, why do I love this lip gloss so much you might add? Well, where do I even start? Firstly, the applicator of this gloss is unlike any other I’ve used before. Unlike your standard doe foot application this one is a flat sponge. It’s really hard to explain but it feels really nice to apply with and its certainly the best lip gloss applicator I’ve come across. I also find it had a somewhat ‘fury’ texture about it as well which sounds strange but I think it helps to pick up the product and smooth it across the lips. I also find the formula of these lip glosses absolutely perfect. You know how some glosses can feel tacky on the lips and your hair ends up sticking to your face as soon as you’re caught in the wind? Well, this gloss is the complete opposite. It’s smooth, moisturising and best of all, not sticky. It’s a real pleasure to apply and leaves my lips feels feeling silky soft.

As well as the great formula, it really is, as the name suggest, glossy. As soon as I apply this my lips instantly look plump and super shiny. The pigmentation of this particular shade isn't amazing when applied to the lips, just a light tinge of colour but I don't mind that as its the perfect 'my lips but better' shade that I can slick on anytime, anywhere for a polished look. I also find it perfect for popping over the top of lipstick to add a beautiful glossy sheen as it has beautiful flecks of gold shimmer. It also smells like cakes too and I could quite happily lick this off my lips and eat it after applying. Too far? As for the 6 hours wear time this claims to give, I'm not convinced. It does last reasonably well on my lips but definitely not for six hours. However, I don't think I've ever used any lip glosses that last six hours, even the super tacky and sticky ones. 

Overall I absolutely adore this gloss and its been part of my every day makeup routine for quite some time now. Its even been promoted to my handbag which is a sure sign that I love this product. Nothing gets promoted to handbag status unless its absolutely fabulous, right girls?

I'm certainly going to be picking some more up from Boots here when they have another 3 for 2 deal and I suggest you do too! They're priced at £6.49 meaning you can get 3 for less than £13.00. Not a bad price for lovely looking lips!

Have you tried the Rimmel Stay Glossy lip glosses? What do you think?

Lots of Love,


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