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Hi Ladies! I hope you're all well and have had a great weekend. I'm gutted it's Monday - definitely the worst day of the week egh! Anyway to make the day a little more bareable I thought I'd share my new favourite hair product with you all - Moroccan Oil. Now I'm pretty sure this needs no introduction as its one of the most hyped hair products of all time. When it first came onto the scene I was always put off by the high price tag and decided I would stick with my trusty Babyliss Argan Oil until it ran out. However, my curious side got the better of me and I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

With this being said I asked for a bottle for Christmas and my oh my am I glad I did. I'm a big believer that hair oils can make all the difference to the condition of our hair as they give you the extra moisture and nourishment that your standard conditioner can't. As I mentioned earlier I was using the Babyliss Argan Oil which I reviewed in full here and absolutely love. However, since using Moroccan oil religiously for the past month, my hair has never been in better condition. Not only has it never been in better condition but it has also grown what seems to be at least an inch or two since Christmas. I went to the hairdressers to get my highlights done on Saturday and my friend Debra who works in the salon said 'oh my gosh, your hair has got even longer since Christmas' and I have to say without me even realising, it has grown quite a lot.

My hair was always the type that never grew past a certain length (shoulder length max) up until last year when I started using oil as part of my haircare routine. As my hair is bleached too it is very prone to dryness and can get tangled and unmanageable very easily. However, after popping one pump of Moroccan Oil through the mid-lengths of my hair, it is very easy to manage and tangles are kept at bay. Also, when I say I only use one pump I really mean it. A little goes a very long way with this product which makes me realise that although £30 seems steep, you really are getting your money's worth. Like I said I've been using this since Christmas now around three times a week and I've barely touched the surface. I also find it very light as I have never experienced a greasy texture or heaviness after using it on my hair. I imagine this could happen if you use too much but one pump on my long thick hair is plenty to give a decent coverage.

I also love that the pump is provided when buying the product and the bottle itself is made of glass which is very sturdy and luxurious. As well as being an all-round amazing product, this stuff also smells incredible. I can't describe the scent but whenever I've used this I end up sniffing my hair like some sort of mad woman. It also reminds me of my little brother over in Australia as his nan often uses Moroccan Oil on his hair to keep it nice and soft. I know it sounds petty and soppy but this scent really does remind me of my family in Australia which is another reason for me personally to adore it.

Finally (I realise I'm blabbering a bit), this oil is actually improving the condition of my hair. I often think that hair products can make big claims and although they appear to be working upon first use or application, they don't actually offer any long term benefits or improvements to the overall health of our hair. However, Moroccan Oil has really helped add moisture to my hair and since using it I've had no split ends in sight. My hair is much more manageable on a daily basis even when I haven't used it and the shine it gives my hair is fantastic.

Overall I am completely in love with this product and can now see why there has been so many rave reviews surrounding it. If you haven't tried it yet I really can't recommend it enough. I ordered my 100ml bottle from Feel Unique here and they offer free worldwide delivery too. They also stock a smaller 25ml bottle for £12.85 which is ideal if you like to try a product before commiting to the buying the full size.

Have you tried Moroccan Oil? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Lots of Love,


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