Lavish Alice Guest Post #3 | Skater Sparkles

Hi Guys! Today is my third guest post for Lavish Alice and I’m so, so, so excited to share this beautiful dress with you all as I am in love with it. Firstly, it’s a skater dress, my fave. I absolutely adore skater dresses as I find them so easy to wear and exceptionally flattering. No matter what shape or size you are, you will be able to wear this style of dress. It cinches me in at the waist which is the smallest part of my body and flares out at the hips, the largest part of my body. This works very well at creating an ‘hourglass’ shape and every time I wear this style of dress I feel feminine, girly and more importantly, confident.

Secondly, it has an embellished peter pan collar and words can’t even describe how pretty this is. I love peter pan collars anyway as they add a little something different to your standard dress but this one is something special, embellished with gold and pearlescent jewels. Amazing! I love how they dazzle in the light and it really turns this dress into a serious show stopper perfect for a party or a night on the town.

As well as being skater and embellished in pretty things, it also has a stunning open lace back. Can this dress get any better? I’ve always been a big fan of detailing on the back of dresses as the back can often be forgotten about which in turn means it looks plain and boring from behind. Well, not this dress. The beautiful cream lace looks amazing and adds an interesting and glamorous twist. I also found the quality of the dress great and you can tell a lot of time and effort has been put into making it as beautiful as it is. The material of is very thick and luxurious and the beads on the collar are secure. It felt very comfortable to wear and I also love that its cream, very angelic and perfect for Spring/Summer. 

I'm seriously in love with this dress and cannot wait to wear it on a special night out. I already know it will look fabulous with my hair scraped up in a high bun to show off the embellished collar and lace back to their full potential. Lavish Alice have done it yet again, a stunning item of clothing for a very affordable price. It can be found here for £45.00 which I think is very reasonable considering how much detail and precision has gone into the design of the dress. If you have a special occasion coming up or just want to treat yourself for a night out with your friends, I can’t recommend it enough.

Lots of Love,


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