Boots Haul | Rimmel, Maybelline, Soap & Glory, Dr.Jart and More!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well and having a great weekend so far. Today I'd like to share a few things I've naughtily been buying from Boots lately. I don't know what it is about the Boots website but whenever I find myself on there I seriously struggle to click the 'x' button without purchasing something first. It could be down to the fact they always have some fabulous offers on their products or maybe I'm just addicted to buying makeup? 

I thought I'd give a quick overview of each product I purchased and if I've used them, my first impressions. I will of course be doing full reviews on most of these products anyway so if there's anything you'd like to know a little bit more about let me know so I can pop it on the top of my 'thing to blog about' list, yey!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
If you've been reading my blog for some time now you may know I'm a huge fan of the S&G Sugar Crush Body Scrub and that its been my go-to scrub for well over a year now. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Soap & Glory recently released Sugar Crush body wash and body butter with the same incredible scent as the scrub. I really wanted to get both of the new products to go alongside my scrub but in the end I limited myself to the body wash as I already have a million body butters I need to use up. The body wash just had to be mine though as the Sugar Crush scent of crushed brown sugar and lime is possibly the best thing I've had the pleasure of smelling, EVER! I haven't tried it yet but if its anything like the 'Clean on Me' body wash, I'm sure the formula will be lovely too.

Boots Large Cotton Wool Pads
You're probably thinking 'omg, the most boring thing to be featured in a haul post ever' but bare with me on this one. When I spotted these cotton pads on the Boots website, I just had to have them. I use cotton pads every single day with my Caudalie Cleansing Water and the only thing that annoys me is having to use 2 or 3 pads in one go to remove all of my makeup. However, now I have these jumbo sized babies, I should only need one which saves me some time and effort. As you can tell, I'm easily pleased by the small things in life 8).

Boujours 123 Perfect & Healthy Mix Serum Foundations
I've been testing out some drugstore foundations lately for an upcoming blog post and these two are the most recent additions to my collection. I've heard some good things about both of these so had to give them a go. I've only used them both a couple of times but so far, so good and I really like the finish both of them give my skin. I'll be reviewing and comparing them to some Rimmel Foundations I've also been testing in an upcoming post so keep you're eyes peeled for that.

Rimmel Stay Glossy 'All Night Seduction' Lipgloss
Theres not too much I can see about this other than its absolutely amazing! I've loved the Rimmel Stay Glossy lip glosses for years now, ever since using my mums a few years ago and falling in love with it. I'm not blown away by the packaging but the product itself is beautiful. The lipgloss isn't remotely sticky, it feels moisturising on the lips, it gives a subtle hint of colour and as the name states is super glossy. I bough the shade All Night Seduction, a gorgeous peach shade and I will be reviewing it in full soon along with swatches.

Rimmel Apocalips in 'Stellar' and 'Galaxy'
I'm sure you're all aware of these little tubes of lip loveliness by now as they've taken the blogging world by storm over the past few weeks. Virtually every blog I read has featured these at some point and I can totally see why. Not a lipstick but not a lip gloss, these are described as 'lip lacquers' - a mix between both lipstick and gloss. I initially bought three shades on the day they were released, 'Celestial', 'Apocaliptic' and 'Big Bang' (which I reviewed here) but after reading more reviews and seeing other shades swatched, I just had to buy a couple more. I went for Stellar (a gorgeous orange/pink and probably my favourite of all the shades) and Galaxy (a lovely purple plum shade that looks fabulous at this time of year). I still have my eye on 'Luna' too as it looks perfect for the Spring but it was sold out on the Boots website last time I looked. At this rate I'm going to have them all, eep!

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
I've wanted to try this product for as long as I can remember so whilst browsing the Boots website and spotting a good deal on Maybelline products, I finally decided to buy it. I've heard that its a good dupe for the Bobbi Brown gel liner and even though I didn't get along brilliantly with the Bobbi Brown version, every time I see this used in youtube tutorials, it looks amazing. I'm hoping this one will live up to all the rave reviews and impress me more than the Bobbi Brown version so I will keep you posted and do a full review soon.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
After hearing Tanya Burr rave about this mascara in lots of her YT videos I decided I had to try it. My Revlon Grow Luscious mascara was coming to an end anyway so I thought I'd try something new to see how it compares.  Tanya claims this works amazingly well at adding volume and length to her lashes and if it works well for her I'm sure I will love it too. Again, I will keep you posted!

Dr.Jart Recover Primer
I bought this primer after hearing such great things about Dr.Jart products and was hoping a more high end primer would do wonders for my oily t-zone and help keep my makeup in place all day. On first impressions I really liked it - it felt silky on my skin and seemed to smooth everything out. However, as the day progressed at work I felt my skin burning and itching. When I got home I discovered my face was covered in dry red sores and even taking my makeup off was a painful task. Now I'm not blaming this completely as I have been using a couple of other new products too but I'm now vary wary of trying it again incase my skin flares up with another reaction. Have you used this product? How did your skin cope? Maybe my skin is too sensitive for it, I have no idea. Opinions welcome!

Lee Stafford Beach Babe Salt Spray
I've wanted to try a Salt Spray for quite some time now as I love the effect they give the hair with minimal styling or effort required. I decided to try one from Lee Stafford as I've always enjoyed using his other hair products and so far I really like the added texture and movement it gives my hair. I've been spraying it on the ends of my hair whilst dry and then scrunching it up with my fingers to give my hair a messy yet stylish finish. However, the instructions say to use this on wet hair which I'm yet to try so I'm excited to see the results I'll achieve. Again, I will review in full soon.

Raspberry 'Balmi' Lip Balm
Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing ever! I've wanted one of these ever since I saw them appear on blogs a few month ago. A lip balm might not seem very excited but this one is a round ball shape with a screw off lid that reveals a domed lip balm. Its very hard to explain but it basically means no sticking fingers into a massy jar or tub. I already know its going to be a staple in my handbag for on the go lip balm applications and on first impressions it seems very moisturising too. I already want all the other flavours!

Have you bought anything from Boots lately? Have you tried any of these products?

Lots of Love,


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