100 Random Facts About Me!

Hi everyone! I've seen these kind of posts going around blog land lately and as I enjoy reading them  I thought I would join in. I didn't think I'd be able to think of any facts but I actually thought of way over 100 so instead of doing 25 or 50 facts like most people I've done 100 as I literally couldn't cut them down. I hope you don't mind the super long post and if you do actually get to the end I hope you get to know a little bit more about me! So here goes -

1. I’m a total worrier! I wish I wasn’t but I can’t help it.

 2. I have a 2:1 degree in Journalism.

 3. My dad, step mum and two little brothers live in Australia & I've been to visit 5 times.

4. Although I've been on planes more times than I can count I have a massive phobia of flying.

5. I love watching documentaries about serial killers. I'm not a mad woman but I find it very interesting as I always wonder what makes people commit such awful crimes.

6. I wanted to be a photographer when I was younger.

7. I suffer with low self-esteem and anxiety. I hope to do a post on this in the future when I'm more comfortable talking about it.

8. I loved family holidays in Portugal when I was younger and I'm going back in August.

9. I lost my Grandad when I was 12, we were very close and I miss him everyday.

10. I'm obsessed with Disney films and my favourites are Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Tangled. I once watched Tangled every night for two weeks. Too far?

11. I love nothing more than being snuggly and warm. As soon as I get home from work my pyjamas and dressing gown are on.

12. I'm obsessed with Beyonce. I've been to see her twice and plan to go again this year.

13. I've never been to a festival but I'm going to T in the Park this summer.

14. I have three best friends that I can trust and talk to about anything. In the words of The Hangover 'We're the three best friends that anyone could have'. LOL!

15. I've only had two boyfriends; one of them being my lovely boyfriend Matt & we've been together for 6 years next month! Awww!

16. Matt and I went to Tenerife in 2011 and I got so sunburnt that my face swelled up! I looked like an Avatar.

17. One of my all time favourite TV shows is Prison Break. Hello Wentworth Miller.

18. I used to have the biggest crush on Gareth Gates. I even had a life-sized poster of him. *face palm*

19. I'll quite openly admit that One Direction is my favourite band. Louis is my fave.

20. My favourite fizzy drink is Sprite and my favourite alcoholic drink is Blue WKD. (so classy!)

21. I prefer high street shops to designer and completely agree with the quote 'you can't buy taste'.

22. My favourite perfume is Juicy Couture and that's also where my blog name comes from. Double fact right there!

23. Mexican is my favourite kind of food. Fajitas, Burritos, Enchiladas, Nachos, Potato Skins - you name it!

24. The most beautiful place I've ever been in the world is Lake McKenzie at Fraser Island in Queensland. Breathtaking!

25. I've been on party holidays to Magaluf and Ibiza. I hated Ibiza.

26. I’ve been to see lots of musicals but my all time favourite is Wicked.

27. I’d love to be a backing dancer, coolest job ever.

28. Thrillers are my favourite kind of film. Taken being a firm favourite.

29. I used to fancy Aladdin when I was younger. Who can resist a man with a magic carpet?

30. My favourite film is A Walk to Remember and I cry every time I watch it.

31. I love concerts. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, The Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and Steps are a few I've been to.

32. I'm very emotional, I cry at the drop of a hat.

33. I'm a good friend. I'm always there to listen and lend a helping hand whenever they are in need.

34. I used to go out partying every weekend but I'm getting more boring as I get older.

35. I only eat cheese when its melted.

36. I love making soup. Leek and Potato is my favourite.

37. I'm really shy around new people but when I get to know them I don't shut up.

38. I'm an impulsive spender. I've never been good at saving money.

39. I love reality TV and enjoyed pretending to be Simon Cowell when I was younger. Don't judge me.

40. I'm always tweeting and my IPhone is always glued to my hand. However, I hate Facebook and deleted it over a year ago now.

41. I also love Instagram and some might say I'm a tad snap happy.

42. I once got mistaken for Britney Spears at Disneyland in Paris.

43. I'm very scared of getting ill and a total hypochondriac.

44. I love music and listening to it instantly cheers me up.

45. I have one younger sister called Jessica and two younger brothers called Trafford and Stretford. Yes you heard that right!

46. I love watching cookery shows, Master Chef being a firm fave.

47. I love any book by Sophie Kinsella.

48. I can have a bad temper when someone winds me up but I hate arguing and always end up in tears.

49. I've never been in a fight and I hate violence.

50. I hate bullies and would love to get involved with an anti-bullying charity one day.

51. I get embarrassed very easily and hate doing things out of my comfort zone.

52. My biggest pet peeves are people with no manners and people eating loudly.

53. I love my bed and never want to get out of it in the mornings.

54. I'm always conscious and wondering what other people think about me and that's one of my worst traits because it really shouldn't matter.

55. I can't drive. I had lessons when I was 17 then gave up as I was moving away to university.

56. I love having a tan but hate the fake tanning process.

57. I only have my ears pierced and my right ear love is split in half (gross!). I wore earrings that were too heavy for my ears and now need an operation to fix it.

58. I love swimming and was on a swimming team when I was younger. Such a geek!

59. I don't own a laptop. I use my boyfriends MacBook to blog.

60. My hair is naturally blonde but turned a mousey brown shade as I hit my teens.

61. I love interior design and going shopping for home ware.

62. I desperately want to go to New York.

63. I rarely eat red meat but eat chicken most days.

64. I hate how self-critical I am and that I always compare myself to other people.

65. I cry when I see frail old people.

66. I'm addicted to eating Avocados.

67. I hate horror films and am a complete scardy-cat. Jeepers Creepers has mentally scarred me.

68. I love listening to rain on the windows - I find it relaxing.

69. I have rubbish nails and bite/pick them when I'm bored or anxious.

70. I hate jealousy and how it turns people nasty.

71. The scene in Titanic where they get up to no good in the back of the car always made me cringe when I was younger.

72. I'm a home girl. I hate being away from my family for too long.

73. I used to be obsessed with the TV show Charmed and quite often dreamed of being a witch with magic powers.

74. One of my dreams is to swim with dolphins; they're my favourite animal.

75. I'm very messy and find tidying up one of the most boring and mundane tasks in the world.

76. I'm really freaked out by Sharks but at the same time am fascinated by them and love a good shark themed film.

77. My favourite job was at Topshop. Hello 25% discount.

78. I prefer shopping online and hate trying clothes on in fitting rooms.

79. I'm hooked on salt. I know it's bad for me but I can't eat many things without it.

80. I don’t like coffee but love tea and hot chocolate.

81. I have a double-jointed finger that pops out of the socket when I push it backwards.

82. I've done a few photo-shoots in the past and once modeled clothing in my local newspaper. How embarrassing!

83. KFC in Australia is a million times nicer - that's a fact right there!

84. I always compare myself to other people which really annoys me but I can't help it!

85. I used to get called Tigger because I have a rather bouncy walk haha!

86. My family often refers to me as 'Kaylston Yanker'. Apparently there's some sports player with a similar name haha.

87. I've tried a cigarette but would never touch drugs.

88. My favourite desserts are crumble and pavlova. I don't like many others.

89. I have a very weak gag reflex and if something smells bad I will almost vomit.

90. I had braces for two and a half years but still don’t like my teeth.

91. I always think the worst in most situations and that's one thing I'm trying to change.

92. I love going to theme parks and my favourite ride is Rock and Rollercoaster at Universal Studios.

93 I'm very ditzy and forgetful. I leave my belongings everywhere and am always forgetting something.

94. I get awful travel sickness and have found myself in some embarrassing situations because of it!

95. I could spend hours playing on The Sims.

96. I went to Australia to live with my dad last year for 5 months and it was amazing!

97. I can watch Friends over and over again without getting bored and my favourite character is Ross. The episode when he makes Fajitas is classic.

98. I literally want to be sick at the thought of hotdogs.

99. I once got stuck in a lift and now I'm nervous every time I get in one.

100. I once played an egg in a school play. Such a cool child!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and you now know a little bit more about me! Do we have any similar facts?

 Have you done one of these posts?

Lots of Love,


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